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Plant Information Resources

A list of resources used to compile plant data

University of Nebraska–Lincoln NebGuides

Available online at; applicable information includes:

  • G1759, Stormwater Management: Plant Selection for Rain Gardens in Nebraska
  • G1060, Black Spot of Roses (recommended disease-resistant roses for Nebraska)
  • G1074, Wildflowers for the Home Landscape: Perennials for Sunny Sites
  • Flora of the Great Plains by Great Plains Flora Association, published by University Press of Kansas, 2007.
  • The Blue Thumb Guide to Raingardens—Design and Installation for Homeowners in the Upper Midwest by David Dods, Rusty Schmidt, and Dan Shaw, published by Waterdrop Innovations, LLC, 2007.
  • The Flora of Nebraska, by Robert Kaul, Steven Rolfsmeier, David Sutherland, published by Conservation and Survey Division of IANR at UNL, 2006
Wildlife damage prevention information
Plant Database websites
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